Grand Prize Winner

"O Edwards Pies"

Phil R. from Tennessee

  • 1st & 85th Birthdays

    1st & 85th Birthdays

    A happy occasion always comes when grandma brings the pie! I want to thank you for this wonderful opportunity!My niece turned 1 on 10/8 and my nephew, her dad...

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  • Edwards is a win-win!

    Edwards is a win-win!

    Edwards pie's has always brought us together as a family. It's awesome because we sit around, joke, laugh and tell stories and it's a great way to bond with each...

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  • My son ate it all!

    My son ate it all!

    My son ate all of my favorite @edwards_desserts Chocolate Crème Pie! 🥧 That "piece" he left does not count! Please bring the rest of the family here for Christmas...

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  • Favorite Family Memories

    Favorite Family Memories

    Pie has always been an important parto f our holiday dinners.One of my earliest memories was of my sweet mom setting a table for our big holiday family gathering.

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  • One Slice,  Twelve Tables

    One Slice, Twelve Tables

    One slice of pie at twelve different tables! This is my family and we sure do love pie! One of the most important things to me is spending time...

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  • Pie for Any Occasion

    Pie for Any Occasion

    As we get older, we know our children and grandchildren will always come home for Edwards Pie on Thanksgiving or on any holiday. It is so easy since you...

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  • Ins-PIE-red Poetry

    Ins-PIE-red Poetry

    Oh, the joy that Edwards Pie brings to our clan,A taste of sweet bliss, that we all can fan,At every gathering, a slice is demanded,Birthdays and holidays,...

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  • Solving Problems with Pie

    Solving Problems with Pie

    Edwards Pies would like to know why they should bring my loved ones together this Holiday Season. My answer... for PIE! Edwards Key Lime Pie is a dessert that solves...

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  • Get Back to Family Basics

    Get Back to Family Basics

      2nd Place WinnerTeesha S. on Facebook Caption: Edwards Desserts Bring a family together 4 the 1st time with your sweet Vibes  

  • Prize-Winning Pie Lover

    Prize-Winning Pie Lover

    Edwards pies have a special place in my heart. My mother absolutely loved them because they were so close to a pie she created in 1958! She was a...

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  • Family, love, sweet moments, and memories

    Family, love, sweet moments, and memories

    It’s the season of family, love, sweet moments, pies and memories to be made. It’s the time when my kids expect to hug their grandma , spend time with...

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  • Uncle Roy's Deception

    Uncle Roy's Deception

    My family had a pie bake off contest in 1991. Everyone wanted to win top prize because the best tasting pie winner was awarded the hot electronic and hard...

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  • The Mystical Power of Pie

    The Mystical Power of Pie

    So why and how should Edward’s bring my family together again? And why do I say again? Where do l even begin with this hilariously heartwarming tale of how...

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  • Oliver the Pie Thief

    Oliver the Pie Thief

    @edwards_desserts should bring my loved ones together this holiday season to spend time with my son-16-month old Oliver! Our family is spread out over several states and I know...

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  • Pie Pals Unite!

    Pie Pals Unite!

    Hey @edwards_desserts I decided to flip the contest around and bring the pies together with Edwards! It was my first time doing a project like this and I think...

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  • Home is the story of who we are...

    Home is the story of who we are...

    Growing up the oldest in a family of eight, our home may have appeared to those looking from the outside, a yard full of toys, bikes and balls scattered...

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  • Edwards to the Rescue!

    Edwards to the Rescue!

    Edward’s desserts has saved our holidays before and I hope they will do it again! I’d love to have a family gathering of epic proportions this year!

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  • Military Holidays

    Military Holidays

    Coming from a big family full of military, it can be hard to get together for the holidays. We are separated by thousands of miles and some years on...

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  • Pie Gender Reveal

    Pie Gender Reveal

    Happy Holidays fellow edwards_desserts lovers! My husband and I have a very special surprise for the #edwardsholidaycontest ! Check out our video to see how Edwards Desserts can help...

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  • Pass the pie, pass the love!

    Pass the pie, pass the love!

    Amid the challenges of traveling with our special needs son, edwards_desserts bring the joy of the holidays home to us. Each slice is a sweet invitation for family and...

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  • O Edwards Pies!

    O Edwards Pies!

    The only thing that could make this holiday season any better is if @edwards_desserts helped us get our house cleaned up and allowed us to fly in some of...

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