Home is the story of who we are...

Home is the story of who we are...

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No matter how you Slice it, 🥧 Home is the story of who we are and collection of all we love, together. ♥️

Growing up the oldest in a family of eight, our home may have appeared to those looking from the outside, a yard full of toys, bikes and balls scattered throughout, as just a house. But, if you peer to the inside of that large two story house made by the hands of my own hardworking father, You’d find it was filled with endless noise, never lacking a dull moment nor ever being able to hear the clock actually tick. Most importantly one could behold lots of laughter, love, learning and memories of life we were creating.

Looking back, I never quite knew those year after year traditions, time together, or the seemingly simple delectable grand finale to family meals, a pie….would tie our past to last a lifetime, forever filling a part of me.

It was within my bright yellow bedroom walls where my own hopes and dreams would begin.

Years passed, yet the symbol of continuity and comfort miraculously whipped, sprinkled, and drizzled to perfection continued. The “power of pies” spark the moments and memories with those we love. The taste takes us back to that moment in time, together forge long lasting.

The hardest part of growing up? Realizing our parents are fallible. It is realizing everything has an ending. The pages of life, love, friendships, good and bad times… all are finite! Therefore, it is best to savor every single moment we can.

Our dad has been in the hospital for the last two weeks and getting stronger every day. It is his dream to get to see our family in Arizona this holiday. Edward’s Pies can you help
Full-Fill our story and take it to the skies for more time together?

Thank you for Ins-Pie-ring us since your humble beginning to maintain the spirit, unlocking cherished memories as we honor and celebrate our parents while they are here with the full measure of our love.

After all, the childhood they created for us is now the parenthood for us! Always eat the pie. You bake our lives a better place.