Ins-PIE-red Poetry

Ins-PIE-red Poetry


2nd Place Winner
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Oh, the joy that Edwards Pie brings to our clan,
A taste of sweet bliss, that we all can fan,
At every gathering, a slice is demanded,
Birthdays and holidays, it's always grand.

Our bellies laugh and sing with glee,
As we savor each bite, oh so free,
The flavors dance on our tongues so bright,
Edwards Pie, a true delight.

We share in happiness and cheer,
With each piece we consume without fear,
For this pie is more than just a treat,
It brings us closer, heart to feet.

So here's to Edwards Pie, our hearts desire,
That never fails to set our spirits on fire,
In good times and bad, it's always there,
A symbol of love, beyond compare.