O Edwards Pies!

O Edwards Pies!

Grand Prize Winner

Phil R. from Tennessee

We were blown away by the creativity of Phil's entry! The video starring so many of Phil's family, combined with the the custom song written just for Edwards® Desserts, made for a truly unique and eye-catching contest submission. Congrats Phil and family!


The only thing that could make this holiday season any better is if @edwards_desserts helped us get our house cleaned up and allowed us to fly in some of our freeloading other-state-living relatives to Tennessee for Christmas so that we could eat amazing Edwards pies together and talk about anything and everything (EXCEPT POLITICS!!!). Seriously, we hope you enjoy our video as much as we did while making it and eating it. And…if you think your Grandma or some restaurant or somewhere in Key West makes the world’s best key lime pie, you’re way wrong. It’s totally Edwards. #EdwardsHolidayContest