Espresso Turtle Pie-Tini

Espresso Turtle Pie-Tini

This cocktail recipe was developed at Edwards Dessert Kitchen, our innovation space and ultimate dessert destination in Minneapolis. A riff on a traditional espresso martini, we used EDWARDS® Turtle Crème Pie to elevate this drink to a whole new level! 


  • 1 slice EDWARDS® Turtle Crème Pie
  • 1.5 oz Electric Ladyland blend*
  • 1 shot of espresso
  • salt blend (lava charcoal + oak smoked sea salt)
  • lemon rind
    *ELL blend is equal parts vodka, Irish cream liqueur and coffee liqueur.


  1. Add Electric Ladyland blend and fresh espresso to shaker tin.
  2. Scoop the filling from one slice of EDWARDS® Turtle Crème Pie and add it to the shaker tin.
  3. Reserve the crust for rimming the glass after dipping the rim in fresh citrus.
  4. Add ice to the tin and shake.
  5. Strain into the rimmed glass.
  6. Shake salt blend 2-3 times on top.
  7. Express the lemon rind over the glass and use as a garnish.


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